Your PC running slow.....

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Your PC running slow.....

Post  Scooby_Doo on 16/7/2008, 4:35 pm

If your pc is running slow then it could be a number of things but, the best thing to do is to do an Anti-Varus scan if this does not then you have a Malware virus - MORE than likely.... but, it may not be.

If you want to fether speed up your pc i would recommend to do a disk defrag and a disk cleanup. These are handy and can be found in Start>All Programs>Accessories>Syestem Tools. The disk cleanup cleans rubbish off your harddrive and clears quite a bit of memory, Whereas the Disk Defragmenter may take at least 2hours if you have never ran it before but, this will speed up how long it takes your pc to load up and also will speed up the time in which it takes to open a program...

Hope any of this is helpful.... Dale Surprised


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